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Smarttsearch uses artificial intelligence to establish what search phrases and words any target audience is using to search the internet.

How we get you found

We have built an A.I. engine that accurately identifies who the client’s target audience is and what keywords and longer-tail phrases they are inputting to search engines right now.

A combination of accuracy levels of over 90% and currency of information means we deliver outstanding results for all our clients regardless of sector.

Put simply; if you know your target audience and you know what they are typing in to Google Search, you can massively improve the results from your online promotions whether it is paid advertising or organic content marketing.

We also use the A.I. results as the basis for creating organic content for our clients.

Organic content that is relevant and that gets them found by their target audience.

We go even further and can provide our clients with their own multi-media enabled organic content marketing platforms that get content indexed and ranked fast by Google. Have a look at Smarttblog.

Oh and all our tools are simple to use.

So if you need to build your brand and create relevant enquiry traffic come and talk to us.

We can really help.



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