What is Smarttsend?

Smarttsend is a GDPR compliant, intelligent email marketing application that enables super high quality results from targeted email campaigns.

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What does it do?

Smarttsend is an email campaign tool that uses unique handshake technology combined with automatic variable throttle response to provide amongst the highest delivery and open rates of any email marketing software on the market.

An easy to use dashboard allows for multiple campaigns, easy upload of data, and a simple to use management information system to control and analyse each campaign in real time.


Advanced targeting and super-high delivery rates.

Advanced handshake technology delivers high open rates.

Secure pathway mechanism promotes receiver confidence and high response rates.

Who should use Smarttsend?

Any business that has an online presence with a need to reach a target audience using direct email marketing will benefit significantly from using Smarttsend.

Digital agencies can dramatically improve their email campaign results for every client regardless of sector or focus.

Smarttsend allows agencies to deliver outstanding email marketing results for their clients at affordable cost levels

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