What is Smarttsearch?

Smarttsearch uses artificial intelligence to establish what search phrases and words any target audience is using to search the internet.

How does it work?

Using a powerful AI engine, Smarttsearch asks the operator a series of questions that allows it to build a profile of a client business and its target audience.

It takes these inputs and interrogates a number of search functions and databases and builds a time sensitive database of thousands of search terms that include both long-tail phrases and key words.

Smarttsearch then distills this big data down to a smaller database ranked by volume and SEO difficulty levels.

It can tell a user what key words and phrases a specific target audience is using to search the internet at that moment in time.

If you know what phrases a target audience is using, you can make your organic marketing and SEO hugely more relevant and effective.

The right words at the right time.

What is it replacing?

To conduct this exercise manually with similarly high levels of accuracy should typically take between 6 – 8 ‘man-hours’. This can be expensive, particularly in a multi-product or multi-target business. The targeting process needs to be done individually for every product and part of the identified audience.

For example; a business selling multiple products to different demographic targets (age, sex, location, seasonal etc) should spend considerable time each month conducting the target and key-word/phrase analysis before adjusting their SEO or marketing.

Throw into the mix the fact that search engines (Google) regularly change their keyword ranking and search algorithms, and it becomes obvious that the targeting exercise needs to be done at least once a month for many businesses and several times a month for many more.

This can be time consuming and expensive. Smarttsearch solves this problem and delivers much higher levels of accuracy than most manual processes can ever achieve.


Reduce the cost of targeting and take the guesswork out of organic content selection for SEO and marketing.

Learns as it works with a business, using AI to accelerate the process and deliver high levels of accuracy.

It can deliver automatically what a good digital agency or web developer may need hours of man time to achieve

Who should use Smarttsearch?

Any business that has an online presence with a need to reach a target audience using organic SEO and marketing will benefit significantly from using Smarttsearch.

Any digital agency or web developer can dramatically reduce its costs whilst improving audience targeting, organic marketing and SEO impact for every client regardless of sector or focus.

Smarttsearch allows agencies to work with more clients simultaneously and helps drive positive results and higher revenues automatically.

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