Who are we?

We are a provider of proven, highly effective online marketing applications that use intelligent technology to significantly improve our clients’ online customer targeting and results.

At Smarttplay we are passionate about helping businesses – both large and small – to maximise the effectiveness of their online marketing and selling.

Key to this is for businesses to properly understand who their target audience is. – It is likely that the target audience (or target customer base) is in reality a spectrum of targets. – For example, if the business is an online clothing retailer, the target audience can be split into Men, Women, Children, differentiated by age, 4 seasons…. The list can go on.

The point though is that splitting the target audience into smaller ‘sub-targets’ can massively improve the effectiveness of an online marketing campaign.

Many businesses outsource the whole process to an agency in the hope that they will do it all for them.

There are of course many good digital agencies who understand the complexity, detail and consequences of correct audience targeting and marketing; but it can take time and close attention to that detail to get it right.

Using Smarttplay tools can really help digital agencies, web developers and PR firms deliver faster, more accurate and better ROI results for their clients.

There is another problem facing agencies and their clients: To do this research manually can take typically 6 to 8 ‘man-hours’ PER SUB-TARGET AREA! – This can obviously begin to be expensive, especially when combined with the regularity of search engines changing their search algorithms and keyword ranking.

The business might need to do the targeting work several times a month, (or even a week!) in order to maintain high quality and relevant traffic.

At Smarttplay, we understand all of these problems and we have the answers.

We are NOT a digital agency out to steal business from agencies chosen by our clients; rather, we are a provider of highly effective online marketing applications that are easy to use but which empower agencies and their clients by giving them cutting edge A.I. tools that deliver fast, accurate results – and at a significantly lower cost than traditional methods.

So if you NEED better results from your online marketing and spend, please talk to us.

If you are a web developer, digital agency or a PR firm, why not also join our partner program and benefit from client referrals as well.

We want to help.

The SmarttPlay team.

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